sewing disaster. the first of many

sew…hahah so I determined today that I was going to start making baby bibs, cause there are all these little babies joining the family, and if they eat anything like their aunt beth they will spill everything. today my attempt started off very slowly. I took out the machine, but it wasn’t threaded right. (pry from last time i looked at it.) then the bobbin wasn’t working right. but finally i got the thing going and making stitches like it is supposed to.

MOST of the problem with the machine was the thread kept breaking, turns out it was threaded with silk thread and it kept breaking. so now there is regular thread in it, and things were looking promising =]



then things needed to be ironed. then suddenly clothes and materials were everywhere. it was like a sewing bomb went off in my clean room ha


using the machine was so fast! i couldnt even believe it! in fact it went so fast it got out of control hahaha


the semi-final product: (semi because i dont have snaps or velcro so it is a non-functional bib still.



the green material on the back was so stretchy it was hard to cut it well, and harder to get it to lay flat with the denim. oh well. there is plenty of jeans left to chop up. and that green tank top will have to be used for something else that isnt this. haha

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