feeling pretty good!

I took some paper from the department today that I can use to trace patterns. might be time to blow the dust off the sewing machine and try some projects! in other news. i want to buy some shoes.
in other other news! the weather is finally cooling off a little down here! today it is sunny, and slightly breezy, 72 and hardly humid! it actually feels nice outside and made me want to open m windows! too bad i can’t =[ It is crumby weather here most of the year with huge thunderstorms and bistering heat so there aren’t screens on my windows and they are painted shut. dang hhaa it would pry only be a few weeks that i would want them open anyways. there are a lot of bugs still so i would for sure need screens.

I need to print some interviews, and then head home to find some checks to take to the credit union to get some cash dollas! wooo!

also I need to go birthday present shopping for all the people that hae birthdays around now…little late oopsies!

xoxo b


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