Love Chocolate!!!

Happy Tuesday everybody! Another day down-and today was hectic. Patients under new precautions, patients bleeding, writing incident reports…you know, all in a day’s work 😉 on the plus there were lots of doughnuts, root beer floats, and pizza up for grabs so it all evened out!

I had to turn some stuff in at the library and found this while browsing around

I’m banking on it 😉 and if it is true…our baby may look like something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory itself!!

Plus-ohmygosh!-I had a friend visit me from Switzerland yesterday and look at what she left!

20130917-175738.jpg SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! I mean, I picked up this…

20130917-175822.jpg thinking just one square and ration the rest. Well…it’s half gone now. I figured I should save some for Adam 🙂

(FYI: I’m still cracking up at my Willy Wonka joke. Not as much as the Bowser Domino Mexican Train Revolution in Maine, if you guys remember. But enough to be creepy since I’m laughing by myself, at myself, out loud. Maybe I’m slap happy…)

Anyway, I’m loving the cooler weather!

And about to get groceries when Adam is home. I’m in dire need of easy, delicious crockpot recipes! Or any easy recipe really! Help me!!

2 thoughts on “Love Chocolate!!!

  1. Did I ever post my Barbacoa recipe? Get a beef shoulder roast as big as you see 5 lbs? Cut off big fat chunks cut out bone if it has one sear it (to be honest I skip that) put in pot. Throw in vitamix: 3-4 chiles in adobo sauce (I actually put whole can but spicy) 3 TBSP lime juice 6-8 cloves garlic 4 tsp cumin 2 tsp oregano 1 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1/2 tsp ground clove 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

    Blend that til smooth. Pour over meat

    1 cup chicken broth. Pour that over top.

    8-10 hours on low! Use a crockpot liner and there’s not even clean up.

    Then it makes delicious pulled beef good flavor and moist.

    Tastes like chipotle Barbacoa. Make some rice and beans or just crack a can of beans or just eat with taco shell or taco salad .


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