Enchiladas and sewing dreams

Well. I made enchiladas today and I fully intended to post the recipe for you all. BUT. I didn’t alter the recipe at all (like I had originally planned to) because they took for freakin ever. And at that point I didn’t want to add anymore pizazz. (I planned on making my own enchilada sauce…too bad I ran out of time and dishes…dang enchiladas) So. Lesson learned. If you want Mexican food, it’s well worth your time (and $$ really) to go to a Mexican restaurant! You get a giant plate for cheap! O! And after all that trouble to make them do you think I felt like making rice and beans? No no no. That said, they were super delicious and I’m totally proud of myself for making such a good thing. Here’s the link to the recipe I basically copied
One thing I did different was pulverize the onion and chiles in the food processor so you can’t see them. Also I food processed the chicken because shredding it was taking forever and the machine was already out. Really awesome machine that food processor. Yum. They were seriously good enchiladas.

On to something with more substance then. Here’s my current sewing wish list/plans…

I have a quilt in the works!

I’d like to turn the pink shiny fabric into that dress…

I still need one or two of these paper it patterns undercover hoodies. Maybe one in fleece?

I’m going to turn that…

Into this cropped jacket!

I’d like some new jeans. More thurlows? Or Burda skinny jeans?

I originally planned these two together. But I don’t have quite enough fabric for the dress. I was thinking some black side panels…

I really want this jacket but I want to hone my skills first so I do an awesome job!



I have these 3 jerseys that I’d like to make into either (or maybe one each…) the Burda boat neck tee, the Maria Denmark day to night cowl, or the

Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tee.

Lastly, I’d like this brown plaid shirting to become

This sinbad and sailor top. Come I think about it… I might want to cut up on of my old sarongs and make this top. That brown is kind of boring. Oh well practice makes perfect 🙂

Also, I can’t find my ByHand London elisalex dress pattern anywhere, but I made a muslin, I just need to go on a fabric shopping spree, because I want it to be FABULOUS!

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