Us lately

Hey guys! It HAS been awhile, hasn’t it. I agree Beth, it was fun seeing what everybody was up to at all random times….mostly I’ve just been lazy! Here’s some updates lately here though πŸ™‚ most may or may not revolve around food…I want it all! Mwahaha!

Oh man, we made this awesome skillet dinner awhile back…. I use we loosely. Very loosely. Mostly Adam made it and I probably sat on the table trying to refrain from stealing all the bacon and fried potatoes while he cooked for me


We also made peach sorbet a couple times…and have a bunch of peaches to make more! It’s basically 3-4 peaches with 1/2 tsp vanilla, 3/4 cup of sugar, and 4 cups/handfuls of ice-yum!

And we made these yesterday after coworkers were talking about them and I just had to have em… I’m kinda surprised we still have some to be honest.


I think I might try to make a peach or strawberry slush tonight too. I saw someone at work drinking out of a foam cup and it reminded me of slushes from Sam’s, you guys remember?! Then I knew I had to have one….

All this food is probably why I have to go back and get retested for my glucose levels. I missed the cutoff by 5 points dang it! I blame it on my huge pasta lunch and whopping piece of French bread before getting my blood taken. Probably not one of my brighter moments πŸ˜‰

Lets take a look at the little bugger responsible for some wild eating πŸ™‚
Some days I feel like my bump is huge and others not so much…what do you think?

(I’m wearing sweatpants because we have the air cranked so high. It’s wicked outside! I know I shouldn’t complain to you Beth or even Kristin because you’ve both been having hot stuff but ewww, I hate it!)

We’re just about into 28 weeks and baby is the size of a head of cauliflower! 2.5 lbs!

Oh, and I got some plants from a coworker that I put in some pots! I’ve been wanting some plants all spring/summer!



Hope I can keep em alive πŸ˜‰ oh, and check out grandma plant cruising away in the middle on the bottom. lookin’ gooooood!

That’s about it from this end! Just counting down for some good ol’ family time together! Can’t wait!
Miss you guys!

2 thoughts on “Us lately

  1. dang lady!!! you are looking so pregnant- i havent seen you since well since you werent i guess…wow. also yay for the plants i hope you can keep em alive!!
    i also love when adam cooks, that stuff looks so good! i have been eating out at resturants a lot cause the oven bakes my entire apartment. the good news is i found a great burger place yesterday! so now i can get cheese burgers and milkshakes on the other side of campus! i would pry have to bike there rather than walk- it is a little ways. driving would take like 3 minutes =] so good!

    • Just wait until you see me in person! That sounds so yummy! We haven’t been turning on the stove either…it’s been lots of tacos, grilling, and breakfast for dinner!

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