been awhile, how’s everyone doing?

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since anyone has posted. sadly so. June was a crazy busy sort of month! But I miss reading about what everyone is up to now-a-days.
weather here in the deep south could almost not be worse. today it felt cool and that was because the humidity level dropped to something less then 60%. it was 89 and felt hot still- but cooler than it has been. its a special kind of hot i guess.
i have been working a bunch this week, trying to get caught up with my history class, though i scored really well on the last exam (95!!!!!) when i thought i was going to fail. I really am a skilled guesser, or horrible at gauging what I know…either one. also been working to get moving on some research ideas Cherry and i are cooking up. Master’s research it is…which is kinda scary cause it is like a really big deal. and not like writing just an article to try to be published- but writing a 50-60 pager to showcase that I know what I’m talking about…and i feel like I have no idea what I’m talking about eeek! it is going to be focused on subjective appraisals of memory- so basically how good you think your memory is, does that change with training? does it change with age? does it match you actually memory performance?
also in other news. i need to go get groceries really badly. i have flavor ices and pickles and black beans. i am even out of sprinkle cheese cause i have been using it to put on everything i need cheese with ha. so i think that is gonna be tomorrow. i just ate the last of my instant potatoes, and i have no milk. so kinda not so good… =/ groceries i need you! i wish you were free!
i dont have plans besides working for the 4th- kinda sad i know. i have no idea where to watch fireworks. i might ask some friends to go see them with me. otherwise i will be clockin hours. sadly no holiday pay for me =/ just straight up research.
i have been thinking about saving up moneys to buy a car. there are a few set backs- like gas and empty bank accounts, and insurance (which louisiana has the highest rates in the country. people are very bad drivers and so many uninsured motorists and they just hit and run like nobody’s business). but i’m thinking about it anyways. any good automobiles i should look into? i want one with power steering, and cloth seats, automatic windows, AC is a must have, 4 doors, basically i want a car hah
well folks- thats all for now. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the end OF THIS MONTH!!!!! woo woo family vacay!!!!


One thought on “been awhile, how’s everyone doing?

  1. Sounds like a cheap-o car would be best so when someone hit and runs it, no skins off your back! Miss you! It’s been nice here. I’ve been outside everyday hiking and reading books. Harry Potters and the southern vampire series which really has me thinking of you! And making the same dELICIOUS smoothie everyday. So ya, nothing new…

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