The Intouchables

We watched this movie a really long time ago and it’s so good, it’s worth bringing up waaaay after the fact. We neves saw ads for this movie, but Marietta told us about it during our visits.

here’s the trailer…


Basically, it’s a story of 2 guys with very different lifestyles. One, who is very affluent, becomes quadriplegic after an accident and is looking for a caregiver. The other is struggling to get by and hesitantly takes on the position.

It’s a great story! It kept me wanting more, was full of laughs, and a few tears too.and, it’s based on a true story….you know I’m a sucker for those 😉 which was a pretty accurate portrayal. If you’re interested in that too, like me, you might enjoy this article

Watch it, you’ll love it! Rae approved!


2 thoughts on “The Intouchables

  1. Did you watch it on dvd? I saw the trailer for this well over a year ago at our local arty cinema and thought it looked seriously charming, but then missed it when it came around. I might have to track it down….runs to see if it’s on iTunes. Thanks for the reminder!

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