New Apartment Tour!

So today I woke up and realized my room was still pretty clean- and that it pry wasn’t gonna be that way for very long hah. so! I best give you guys a tour before things pile up!



so this is the living room. the door into my apartment is across the room from commish the fish so he can guard it haha. The futon has a tonnn of extra cushions on it so it is actually comfortable now!! you will have to come visit soon so you can sit in comfort and play nintendo with me =] ha






so next you move into the kitchen. there isn’t very much cabinet space without being really tall- so i got a step ladder haha! the sink is right under the winder so that is nice. the stove is kinda small- if it was bigger i dont think it would fit over there… the door opens and almost hits the other side of the storage over there. the table swap worked out really good for me! (thanks steph and kevin and ma and pops for flipping them for us!) i dont have to deal with the ugly chair my ex-roommate painted and this one fits flat against the wall without blocking the whole way through the kitchen!

AND! i have a washer dryer now! I am not a quarter hunter anymore! It was getting to the point I would pay for things in cash and cross my fingers for quarters. even bringing 10 dollars at a time to the car wash to get change haha

the door to my bathroom is inside my bedroom- but i skipped right to it in the photos:




the shower curtain picture isn’t very good- I tried to get the weird top part cause the curtain rod goes all the way around cause the walls aren’t water resistant in the tub area. maybe i”ll try to take one more so you can see…







okay sorry got distracted there for a second. the last room is my bedroom!






most of these views are taken from my bathroom door. and i really like the hard wood floors! and the air conditioning haha =] the picture of my desk shows you how the doors go, andddd! it has a yellow sewing machine in the bottom corner! I dont’ know if you spied that or not but there it is!

also: i am feeling a whole lot more like my usual self! I think surgery recovery is basically over!

other things on the to do list these next few days:
purchase a new swimming suit (any body know of good sales?)
go swimming at the rooftop hotel pool at the casino
win serious $$$$$$$ at the casino
teach bryan how to play craps (thanks for teaching me natski!)
move my bike to my new place
do tons of work for Dr. Cherry (copies and searching for things, writing and organizing stuff for the lab, listen to interviews, print finalized interviews, plus about 100 other things)
get back on the sleeping schedule I was rocking before: cause I kinda crashed and burned on that one…
write letters so everyone knows my new address!

ps: sometime i will get a camera and then I can tour you around baton rouge. my only camera that is working is my laptop one. my other one broke in new orleans =”[ my fault though i’m sure…


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