$20 of fun

So awesome! I don’t have the exact prices since I just allotted myself a fresh twenty dollar bill…

Golden beets
Sweet peas
Baby Yukon gold potatoes
Honey sticks (this was a big splurge-$5!) flavored: lemon, orange blossom, watermelon, sour cherry
Not pictured: hand-dipped ice cream bar with local ice cream
$1 donation/tip to the gentleman strumming on his guitar

I didn’t make it Saturday to the U-district market! It’s much bigger. I think I really would have needed to ration. Check out these vendors! http://www.seattlefarmersmarkets.org/vendors/u-district-farmers-market-vendor-list
I went to LakeForestPark Sunday farmers market instead and it was PERFECT for my $20! Got basically everything I wanted! Cooking up some roasted beets shortly. And can’t wait for next weekend! Too fun!


2 thoughts on “$20 of fun

  1. Aren’t fresh veggies the best?! Eating locally grown vegetables has helped my allergies a lot – I basically am getting my body used to its surrounding (I grew up in Florida and moved to Phildadelphia)

    • That’s awesome!!! Ill have to remember to kick the fresh veggies into high gear next time my allergies start bugging me again! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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