I made it! Barely! Spent a lot of days in leggings and mini-bloomers! I LOVE my iris shorts! Here’s today-my cowl neck yello renfrew!

20130531-220940.jpg it’s been too hot to wear this for the most part. Basically I learned I might as well wear active clothes, that helps me to be more active! I also think I’m really a slob and should dress a little more attractively, but eh…
Yay! So excited for summer! A friend is havin a baby soon, a family vacation is planned out, another friend is having a major birthday bash, I have 4th of July off, got approved to go to Vegas in September, and obviously many many barbecues and farmers markets. Actually I’m going to start a new tradition tomo morning and give myself $20 down at the market! I love having a CSA membership and all the fresh in season veggies and it really pushes me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise, but me and J are budgeting and some weeks I won’t be around to get the CSA, so it makes more sense to take the $$ I would be using and just go ala carte at the market! Maybe I’ll put up some pics tomo! Or maybe I’ll be too busy stuffing my face 🙂


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