Belmont chicken sandwiches (plus a FO!)

Ok so, this is a quick and delicious recipe! You need
-2 to 3 lbs chicken
-a large French or Italian bread
-stick butter softened
-some oil
-cup flour
-3 tsp salt
-1 tsp pepper
-1tsp paprika
-1 tBsp oregano
-1 tBsp basil
-1tsp garlic salt (actually, I used garlic powder instead cause were running out of salt…)

20130527-023536.jpg wait! That’s from a totally different meal I made! Stir fried tofu! It was OKaaaay. I’m sure you could find better recipes online… Here’s the setup…

20130527-023647.jpg did I get the measurements right? I was doing it out of my head so far… O! Ya! I doubled the garlic! Mmmmmmm

Cut off all the fatty and bloody pieces of chicken- unless you like that, whatev. Cut the chicken into smaller pieces, it’s easier to cook them if they are a bit thinner. Get some oil going in a fry pan on medium. Mix paprika salt pepper and flour and coat the chicken in that nice dusty mix. Then fry em up! I get mine all the way done in the fry pan cause I’m paranoid about salmonella. But we will cook in the oven too. O! So now would be a good time to turn on oven and preheat to 350degrees F. While they fry, mix up butter oregano basil and garlic and spread it on both sides of bread! Mmmmm. Double this mixture and spread it on toast later. Mmmmm.

20130527-024354.jpg when the chickens are done, blot off the oil, and stack em up as high as you can on the sandwich! You can eat a few if they don’t all fit! Usually I get 3 lbs of chicken and use 2/3 of it for this recipe and put 1/3 of it in a marinade for grilling tomorrow. Tonight my other chicken is bathing in teriyaki sauce. Anyway…

Yay! Now put on the lid, wrap in foil, and bake for 20 min! You can eat hot, cold, or reheated! All ways delicioso!
Andddd yes, I just wore my grey leggings again today, boring! I can’t wait to put on a pair of jeans. Anyway…
For Monday,I finished this Kelly Skirt!

20130527-024839.jpg I already have it planned out, I’m getting up in 7 hours and going to lunch w/ a friend, here’s the outfit I’m gonna wear!

20130527-024945.jpg live love live the new striped shirt and this Kelly skirt shape is SO CUTE! I’m going to have to do this in a better color than faded sheet!

20130527-025052.jpg not that you can tell cause the pictures are so crappy! Anyways, I spent more time avoiding the buttonholes than it took to make this whole outfit. Really easy once I got brave enough! Now bedtime! Goodnight!


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