day 13

Hi guys, its day 13 post surgeries…I should be feeling almost like myself again according to the predicted 2 week recovery. And I kinda am getting close. ish. my ears are still hurting constantly- but less each day. my throat still feels raw and tight. My nose feels mostly normal- just a little stuffy and slightly sensitive. But it is getting there. I can eat most anything slowly. I had pizza last night. 1 piece haha. super slow. haha.

In other news- I am going to be moving into my new apartment this weekend! ma and pop are driving down now to help me =] bless their little hearts! I have a lottt of stuff. so it will take a lot of trips. but it will be really nice to live by myself. have my own space. set the temperature at whatever i want (which will not be 78 degrees) (who lives like that?! 78 degrees is hot! You don’t set your AC for 78- that is lunacy)

anyways- hopefully I will get some things packed up today and be well and able saturday to help move lots of things! all the things!
xoxo b


One thought on “day 13

  1. hows your new place? we want pics? a tour perhaps? and why not some pics around campus and baton rouge while youre at it? and food pics? we def need some of that Southern goodness. Temp me to come see you! When the weather is nice of course!

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