Cheater, cheater

Tuesday the 7th

Love these green leggings! Cute with tennis shoes OR boots
Weds may 8

20130516-185601.jpg actually so comfy! If it was 70 degrees all the time I’d wear this a lot more. It’s a colette hazel!
Thursday the 9th
Thursdays mean Girls on the Run so I have to wear something active! I wore my ice cream t- shirt and a new grey pair of leggings I whipped together. Then I went to GOTR and then got stuck in traffic but went out to dinner with a good friend and totally spaced on the pictures. Also, I wore the ice cream shirt yesterday to the chiropractor and totally ripped a hole in the armpit! Nooooooo! My favorite!!! Time for repairs!
Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12, and Monday 13 …
I had to work all of these nights. I totally intended to make some undergarments but lazily did not so all I can say is I did hem all of my work scrubs. And I’ve been wearing the pyjama shorts very faithfully!
Tuesday the 14th
Cheater! I slept in most of the day and then got up and we went grocery shopping but I just wore some running capris and my track jacket! Nothing me made at all!
Wednesday the 15th
Went to the chiro in the morning and ruined my ice cream t, then back to work at night (more hemmed pants…) cheater!
Thursday the 16th

20130516-190658.jpg girls on the run again! Our 5k is this weekend! So I just realized I cut my ankles out of this pic! Anyway, these are the leggings I just made. I used my butt-tight sweatpants pattern and they were just a touch loose (since sweatpants are low stretch and these are super elastic!) I took in the sides and have about 5 extra inches of length. I left the length and even widened it a touch so they are kind of like 80’s style slouchy socks at the bottom! I think it’s really cute and gives my legs a good shape but my friend says she’d prefer them tight and ankle length. We’ll see… I can always cut them. I’m loving them for now!


I made it halfway…barely…
Gotta win the mega millions tonight so I can spend more time sewing! I need more warm weather clothes! And I need more t-shirts, hoodies, and leggings! That’s seriously my uniform!


2 thoughts on “Cheater, cheater

  1. you should make one of the dresses I made- elisalex or something like that. you can make it reversable and wear it twice hah =]

    had my dr apt this morning- everything is looking really good!

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