a little bit better =]

hi guys,
i am feeling a little bit better this afternoon than this morning, last night, yesterday heck since a long time. my throat is still over 5 on the pain scale when i swallow and pry still around a 3 every other instance.

my nose feels fine, a little odd since i have been covering it on the inside with neosporin haha, but no pain there =]

been working on eating macaroni noodles for about hmmm an hour haha, halfway through the bowl. still going though!

miss you guys!
10 days until i move out! and good thing too cause my roommate is being obnoxious (maybe more-so than normal) yesterday at 9am she vacuumed her bedroom. and today at 8 am she reorganized the silverware so hers and mine were separate as well as banged pots and pans and dishes for about 40 minutes and slammed cabinet doors. she also kept turning the air conditioning off. so i sent her a text message since she shut it off and left asking her to leave it on since i start to feel nauseous if i get too warm, and she said its not off- its set at 75. no words have been exchanged since then…

such a delight. hah


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