a life without tonsils. or a hotmess of a nose

ice cream and ice packs are the best.

taking the packing out of my nose was the worst, ma and i were both in tears when she pulled the stuffing things out of my nose. i was pretty hysterical when she took them out. i thought i might pass out for real.

i think today i am going to try some other foods. yogurt had a bad texture and wasnt at all right.

my ears hurt a lot, and it is odd not blowing my nose even though it is plugged and drippy. gross huh?

feels a little better than when i had mono actually. aside from the nose packing. that felt like birthing a large wad of gauze from each nostril. it was horrid.

eating a slush now. maybe gonna have some grits like a real southern belle, cheese kind of course.

xoxo b


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