feeling a little relieved…but not much.

So today i turned in a paper that has been hanging over my head all term. Writing is actually really difficult for me. i am constantly thinking i need more sources- am i making things clear enough? what sort of crap is this i’m writing?!! this is nonsense?

but its turned in now- i would prefer to get a b or higher on this so i can stay in grad school. eek! i have only a final exam left and then all my grades are in.

I have a lot of grading to do to make sure everyone elses grades are in though. 83 people have taken dr. cherry’s exam and i get to run them all through the scantron and grade all the extra credit responses. so yeah…real thrill haha

actual thrill: mom is visiting in 3 days! yes she will be here to take care of me when i have surgery and dont want to move or do anything but sleep, but she will be here the day before my procedure and get to meet dr cherry and it will be really nice to see her again =]

i need a serious nap- i was up writing (well trying rather) until 330am ewwwww
miss you guys! xoxox beth


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