cinco de mayo shorts

I made my shorts!


This is the Colette Iris Shorts pattern. I followed it to a T, and made a size 8. the waistband is a little bubbly and I didn’t have an invisible zipper, its more like a jeans zipper.


These pockets are in the front, so they were good for holding a $5 bill and my grocery list. but its pretty awkward if I try to get my phone or keys in there. Check out the fabric, its soccer balls! I actually saw the wrong side of fabric first and thought, thats a cool looking print (plus it was only $2/yd) then when I was getting the fabric cut the girl said, “oh, cute, soccer!” I didn’t even notice. So I went ahead and used the “wrong” side of the fabric out anyway! The soccer balls are hiding inside my shorts!


Look how nice the inside of these look! I even made a tag!


my horrid mirror shots.


action shots from today, right before I went to the grocery store!Image

its 80 degrees F today, I certainly wasn’t prepared for that when I signed up for Me Made May! Also, I’m wondering, when I’m working, I mean, I guess my pants technically count because I hemmed them, but I feel like thats getting off easy, everyone else who has a sewing blog online is doing it, maybe I should whip up some underwear! see you tomorrow with a quick post before work!



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