Lofty plans

A bit of a cheat day because I would NEVER leave the house like this!

My Colette Madeline Mini Bloomers! Free awesome pattern! Great for lounging on a hot day! Did I mention FREE! Also handmade are the slippers, a gift from J’s G’ma! I love them! A very good gift! Ok so here’s my plans for the rest of the week:
1. Colette iris shorts
2. Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt (a bit scared of all them buttonholes)
3. Simplicity 2305 a Cynthia Rowley dress
4. By Hand London elisalex dress ( if I can sneak off to the fabric store without getting caught or blowing the budget) I need double fabric cause I’d like to make it reversible!
5. Easy leggings traced off my tight sweatpants

All patterns are traced but no fabric is cut… Ready, set, GO!


2 thoughts on “Lofty plans

  1. Oh leave the house like that while you still have those legs. You will have much better memories when you are old and infirm, walk in beauty while you posses it.

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