The Laurel = my first shift dress ever.

Probably not my first actually, since I was little, I loved dresses! I wore them a LOT until sometime between 2nd and 3rd grade! I remember getting a button down yellow and white striped shirt thrifted (although maybe thrifted from GrandmaK?) and putting a belt around it to make it a dress. AND thinking that was the awesomest thing ever. OK so, enough memory lane, heres the dress…

ImageImageoh actually thats me messing around with the camera.Imagetrial of sitting. a little short. (not too short for me tho) keep the knees together 🙂ImageImagelove it! maybe not my color though? this is a wearable muslin, to see how I feel about a boxy shift dress. I used an old duvet cover, its cotton velvet. and here’s the back, with contrasting zip. actually, I don’t really need the zip, I can pull it off over my head, so maybe I can take that out and save it for something else!ImageImageawwww… doggie model! don’t we look like we belong in a commercial? this is how I styled it for winter! (it was 70 degrees F here today, why am I styling things for winter…)ImageI actually look pretty creepy here, but I love the light so I have to keep this one. All in all, this is a really easy and fun make! I might be a convert. If not more dresses, definitely I will remake the shirt, I love the shape, just fitted enough, but not showing the muffin top! Image


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