Sunny in Seattle


20130423-180008.jpg I can’t even see what the pic is of. That’s how sunny it is out here! I’m under a tree on a lawnchair and there’s a crow above my head pitching a fit! I hope he doesn’t poop on me! Or worse yet in my tea! Speaking of… Look what I got today!

20130423-180208.jpg incredible tea catalog! What an awesome mail day! I totaled up all the teas I REALLY want and it’s only $192.50! Free shipping! That’s 19 different kind of teas! Ahhhh! Just dreaming! Mostly I’ve been on the phone with car insurance. No one wants to insure me:( (or…really expensive.) too many incidences… But every day there’s another story about a drunk driver killing someone! I would never do that! I’m actually quite safe. Just unlucky. No not even that. I’m very lucky ! Whatev. Just $$. No tea for me I guess! 😉 like I don’t have 3 cupboards full already!
Here’s a sneak peek of my Laurel, if j would ever wake up I’d finish it! But I don’t wanna wake him.

Now-check this out! Based off of Rae’s PB and bacon sandwich, I bring to you, DIRT ON A LOG!

Celery, peanut butter, and bacon bits! Mmmmmm it’s amazing!

20130423-181055.jpg did I tell you about these cookies!?!?
They are buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies from Joy the Baker! Go check them out! Mmmm! I’ve been eating popcorn everyday for 10 days now! In cookies, kettle corn, butter and salt, with nori like hurricane corn, with black pepper and cheese, with cinnamon…Oooh! Is it safe to say I’m obsessed! How do you like your popcorn?


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