Week 17 :)

Hey guys!!


We are well into week 17 and doing swell so far 🙂
Baby is now the size of a turnip…which seems smaller than an avacado but oh we’ll 😉
And the baby is putting on baby fat now! I might have felt a little movement but I’m not Positive. I Can’t wait to see the next ultrasound…but we have a couple more weeks to go. And I’ve been feeling pretty good too, a little tired but that’s it.

Ohhh, and very vivid dreams lately! I feel like us sisters always have crazy dreams but now they are a little wackier and I remember most of them.

For instance…this weekend I dreamed I had to get my oil changed and brought it to farm and fleet for some reason. When I asked what they charge, they said it was going to bent $25 à minute!!!!! I flipped out and said FORGET IT! Unless you can do it in à minute or something. And the cashier was so mad at me for refusing service that she went and smoked in my car! Hahahaha-what the heck!

And last night Nat, Beth, and I decided we wanted to be adventurers and would live off nature, walking toward the west coast. But all the land was accounted for and trespassing was not cool. Beth got mad at us for crossing some yard or going to fast and then we couldn’t find her anywhere! We were so sad but had to press on after we looked everywhere. Well, we went in circles for awhile and eventually a mean old farmer caught us in his yard and brought us inside his creepy house. We were so scared until we got inside and there was Beth, with mom and dad, playing cards. We were like, we looked for you everywhere!!! And she said, “yeah, well I was mad and just wanted to play, whatever.” Then we found out we only made it to the border of Illinois, even though it felt like forever.

So sorry about those random dreams but, I’m sure there are more to come!

Also…guess what we had for dinner, bacon, peanut butter sandwich! YUM!

Totally hit the spot!

5 thoughts on “Week 17 :)

  1. me too that sandwich looks so goood!! gonna be buying a blender soon so I can make all sorts of tonsil free friendly foods. meaning i will pry be asking you guys for recipes haha

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