Oh Hey! I’m back!

Hey guys! I know it has been a long time since I’ve been on here, a lot has happened since returning to the deep south after dress making at Kristin’s house. I have a tonnnnn of work to do for Cherry, mostly writing- a few presentations. I have one tomorrow actually that I need to look over. Tomorrow is going to be busy: Class all morning, break in the afternoon, poster presentation around 2. Then write and work cause I have another presentation due on Friday. A 45 minute power point about the research Cherry and I have done this year. It is going to be sorta intimidating standing in front of all my peers and Professors, But hopefully it will go okay.
Wednesday is the day I will go over the slides with Dr. Cherry, so everything should be set by then. I have a paper due the Friday after that, and an Exam the Wednesday after that. The school year is coming to an abrupt close, and I don’t feel ready for it.
Part of that might be due to my health… I have been feeling pretty tired and run down, and my tonsils have been killing me for about 2.5 weeks. They are still red and Swollen and gross. I’ll spare you a photo of that…
BUT! I went to the ENT last Wednesday and he said a few things. One is that my tonsils ought to come out, and he would like to do surgery, so that is scary but exciting! I will finally not have to deal with all the pain and hassel these tonsils have been causing since high school!
The other thing the ENT did was look up my nose with a scope. He said I have an S-shaped septum and Huge turbinates that are blocking my airflow. Which is why I am always breathing through my mouth. Which might be a partial reason my tonsils are agrivated constantly.



so aparently inside my nose is kinda a hot mess. He wants to do surgery on my nose also and open up my nasal passageways. Which could be a good thing. Everything I have read online suggests if you are getting a tonsillectomy it hurts really bad, and if you get septopasty and turbinate surgery it hurts really bad, and if you get them at the same time it hurts only as bad at the tonsillectomy. And that people who did them seperately hurt both times during recovery. They were miserable. Some of these people had a sinus surgery…so that is different than this. But I am just waiting until tomorrow to select a day for the procedures now. Eeek! I think (I hope) Ma is gonna come down for a visit and for taking care of me when this is happening, so at least I’ll have some company =]

got to go work on things!
Catch you guys later!


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