Week 16 :)

Time is just ticking away!! We’re now in week 16 (technically 15 weeks 4 days) and I’m happy to report that I’m feeling SO much better! I’m not really feeling sick anymore and aren’t quite as tired as I used to be. But let’s be serious, I still slept til 11 on Sunday….

Here’s some fun stuff about the babe this week:
*the baby is the size of an avacado! Hard to imagine something that big inside of me!
*the baby can hear my voice now and all the bones in his/her ears are formed
*the baby has translucent skin right now! Kinda cool to think about 🙂

No more cravings or stuff this last week. Did I mention we bought a bag of 6 lb gummy bears/worms a couple weeks back? After I had some in my Easter basket it was ALL I wanted to eat for dinner. We’re still working through it! 6 lbs may or may not have been a little overkill. And I’m happy we can finally make plans for dinner and shop for the week since my stomach isn’t so fussy.

Also, over the weekend I went shopping for some maternity clothes with mom and Adam’s mom 🙂 so nice to have clothes that fit and don’t squeeze too tight. Way more comfy!! Thanks!!!

Here’s a side view-it’s still kinda hard to tell that something is going on! Although, the picture makes it look maybe a little more than in real life but hard to say….


Annnnnd….. Look what a friend of my mom#2 (Adam’s mom) was giving away!

So, once I save up some money for fabric, hopefully ill be joining your sewing endeavors soon! I’ll need easy patterns to start I’m sure 🙂

How was your weekends?!


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