Oh Baby-Eating for 2

Yes-it’s true! And though my sis­ters already have known, it’s time to share with every­body!!!! Real­ly excit­ed to keep you guys up to date on all the crazy hap­pen­ings over here. I think this is why my post­ing has been real­ly spo­radic late­ly: I’ve been super tired, out of it, and hav­ing trou­ble focus­ing on things I usu­al­ly love so the blog has been put on hold. Sorry about that 😉

The baby is already 14.5 weeks and is the size of a navel orange right now! Grow­ing so fast! I was feel­ing pret­ty nau­seous and was a lit­tle sick up until our trip. Thank good­ness that all went well! Now I’m feel­ing pret­ty good, just tired.

Soooo….to catch y’all up to speed here are 10 crazy things we’ve been putting up with late­ly:

1.) preg­nan­cy brain is for sure real….short­ly after we found out Adam caught me just before I put a pota­to wrapped in tin foil in the microwave. Yikes! (That pota­to was later smoth­ered in Ital­ian dress­ing and DELI­CIOUS!) I’ve had tons of air­head moments. I also brought cook­ies from Ams­ter­dam to work and by lunch, cowork­ers were telling me my cook­ies were real­ly good. I was like “I didn’t bring any cook­ies…what are they talk­ing about?” I total­ly for­got I brought any­thing.

2.) I have had the hard­est time brush­ing my teeth, up until about now actu­al­ly. I couldn’t do it for awhile because it total­ly gagged me. And floss­ing in the back is still a no go. Now I’m ter­ri­fied for cav­i­ties!!

3.) I need to eat pre-meals. If we go out for break­fast I’ll prob­a­bly eat a bowl of cere­al first. And before Adam gets home I need a great big snack or 1st din­ner. Some­times I real­ly go over­board though and spoil my 2nd din­ner (with Adam).

4.) I also couldn’t stand things touch­ing my neck, espe­cial­ly when I was hav­ing morn­ing sick­ness. It was like my gag-o-meter. If I put my hand on my neck and gagged I need­ed to be real­ly care­ful. It would feel like I had on a tight turtle­neck but noth­ing was there. Even my hair brush­ing my neck made me want to lose it!

5.) I’ve been super tired! I feel like I need a nap as soon as the alarm goes off in the morn­ing. And all I want to do when I get home from work is sit on the couch (excit­ing right?!?)

6.) I’ve always been a lit­tle sen­si­tive. I mean I bawled when I saw “The Hunch­back of Notre Dame.” But I think I’m a lit­tle extra sen­si­tive late­ly. I’ve been cry­ing dur­ing tv shows, hold­ing it in for some com­mer­cials, and total­ly lost it when I didn’t get a snow day.

7.) I haven’t been able to con­cen­trate on read­ing. I’m gonna keep try­ing though because I real­ly miss it!

8.) My nose is work­ing over­time! Adam’s cof­fee in the morn­ing smells hor­ri­ble to me! And our apart­ment always has a weird smell when I get home. Which I never noticed before-it’ll be kinda nice when that calms back down.

9.) The first 3 months was like a per­pet­u­al hang­over and all I felt like I could stom­ach was fries, burg­ers, and chips.

10.) This baby is real­ly dry­ing me out! I feel like my face is like a rep­tile! I put lotion on so many times and my skin just sucks it right up! I can’t get enough liq­uids.

This has been pret­ty mind con­sum­ing for us over here so ill keep you post­ed on our progress 🙂 any ques­tions, com­ments or tips are great­ly appre­ci­at­ed!


3 thoughts on “Oh Baby-Eating for 2

  1. i have put foil in the microwave on several occasions…sorta absentminded i guess haha
    also the neck thing is totally how life was for several years for me- you recall how nuts about it i was im sure. i am a lot lotttttt better about it now =]
    when do you find out if you are having a fellow or a lady baby!?>!!?!?>!?!
    miss you guys!

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