A few hours worth of work (muslin and BOWIE!)

FIRST. I would like to start with my Elisalex dress…
I We have been looking at houses (not too seriously) but realized we need to save some $. SO. I can’t go messing around ruining good fabric. So far I really haven’t made a muslin since my first make, the white sheet Hazel. (It’s a total wreck) WElp, I want a Reversalex (Reversible Elisalex) and I found some gorgeous (expensive) fabrics to make it out of. BUT in keeping with the budget, I need to be sure it won’t just be a waste of fabric. So, I have to do some test runs. Sorry the pictures are AWFUL, the lighting is terrible and I’m wearing my sweats, plus my camera just isn’t so good at focusing. And sorry there’s a lot of pics, just scan through quickly, I’m putting them up just in case someone talented can help me out. Even though I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made so far. 🙂
I’ve been following the http://byhandlondon.com/2013/03/15/elisalex-dress-sewalong-2-full-bust-adjustment-for-princess-seams-fba so after seeing those pictures, I really wanted to do it right and do the FBA (SKERRRRY) It took about an hour to cut and tape my pieces, most of the time talking out loud to myself “am I doing this right?”

I love how the front looks! Please excuse my pale skin and angry face. I’m upset at the back…



Do you see those wings back there in the back? We tried taking in the shoulder seam, that just made it pull really tight through the arm hole. Beth (expert seamstress) helped me just fold the wing flat and pin it in place. Come to think of it, I should have taken a picture of that. and I should have had her take the pictures…No matter…anyway…
tore apart muslin #1 and flattened out the pinned piece. Then I lined it up with the original piece. It was a LOT different-the strap was at a totally different angle. Well, can’t hurt to try, just traced out a new piece! Look at the difference…
the “new” one is the shorter one. Makes sense since I have pretty small shoulders. Like, I always have to hike up my bra straps to the smallest setting.
Muslin #2 comin’ in quick!
woops! This is what happens when I “think” I am taking a pic of my back!



Muuuuuuch better. I think I’m pleased with that. You can see in the 1st pic though, there’s still a little bit of wing. Much better than what it was. Anyone have any advice or online resources for me? Practice modules on arm holes? 🙂 I can not wait until this is in fun fabric! It’s going to be GORGEOUS! I love that back neckline!

OK and a quick finished object, I think I kinda copped out on this one actually 😦 The http://fanbloomingtastic.typepad.com/blog/2013/04/bowie-sew-along-heroes-gallery.html at the fabulous fanbloomingtastic.com ! Basically when I started, I knew nothing about David Bowie except for Labyrinth. So obviously I had to make a vest (see brown thing above 🙂 hehe) and a ruffly white shirt. But I have NO USE for a shirt of that type, so next obvious thing to ruffles…a SCARF! Yea, I know its spring, but still! I’m perpetually cold. I love cozy things! and then I was just looking at pics of Bowie and indeed, the man does wear a LOT of scarves.

david bowie complete


I wanted a crazy bright fair isle fabric
or maybe some lightning bolt fabric
but I was having a hard time finding anything that I wanted! Unless I got it online for $8/yd + shipping, and I’m trying to SAVE money. soooo… I went to the stash and could NOT find any quilting cotton that wasn’t already spoken for (Um. yes. I’m trying to make some baby quilts. For people who are about 2-3 years old now. Shoot. The quilts probably need to be bigger.) anyway, I’m stingy and didn’t want to give it up. I picked a maroon fabric that was kind of standing up sturdy. then I tried to embellish it. First I tried bleaching a pattern into it. Well, that was the plan. I didn’t actually take any pictures because I was too busy trying to save myself from ruining anything. basically it dissolved the fabric and spread out all over my the landlord’s floor. clean. DSCF8801
OK, so I just got a marker instead. I was just going to write dance magic dance once in the corner. Kind of like a little logo. but it was so much fun, I got carried away and I started writing in all different fonts. I kind of love the way it turned out.





the pattern is the http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/2012/03/commuter-cowl-pattern.html go get it, it was super fun and EASY to sew. I should have used quilting cotton like the pattern suggested, since this was pretty flimsy. I was trying to puff it up all of the different ways, and mess with the knot and that kind of thing. I like that was it turned out, although I have a feeling I would have LOVED it if it had a little more shape! I would LOVE to make this in some fun (sturdy) fabric. Like chicago bears or popcorn or mint green. I just love scarves! I also love this song


6 thoughts on “A few hours worth of work (muslin and BOWIE!)

  1. Love it! First of all, you need to stick ‘tripod’ and if your camera works with one ‘remote’ on your Christmas list….you and your sewing deserve the ease of taking photos without trying to break your back twisting to take pics 🙂 Good luck with the Elisalex, it’s going to be great. Love the Bowie scarf as well…I’m so so glad you joined in, please don’t think you copped out – I really wanted everyone to join in at all sewing levels, with all their time constraints, as much or as little as they wanted to. As I said from the beginning, this was all about having some fun….and your writing of dance magic dance and making a scarf is perfect. You had fun making it and every time you see and wear it, it will make you smile. Result! Thank you so much for taking part!

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