So….you’ve already heard about my favorite chocolate breakfast and mini pancakes, but I never mentioned the patats! Oooooooooh boy were they good!

They’re very popular in the Netherlands so it’s quite common to have patat stands. These stands are awesome-I love fries! There are tons of different toppings you can pick to dip also. Mayonnaise is the typical go to I think. I never thought I was a mayo fan but after eating the fries with mayonnaise, I’m definitely rethinking that. So much so that we may need to get some for home! (Oh my gosh-what I was missing without mayonnaise! Deviled eggs, sandwiches, coleslaw….are gonna be delicious!)

This is where the magic is made 🙂

I could go for some of these now!!!


Mariëtta also made stamppot, or mash pot over here. All she did was mash potatoes with endive and bacon and holy smokes! DELICIOUS!!! I’m going to try to make it sometime, it was really, really good and didn’t seem too difficult to make.


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