FO: Beth’s Cambie!

woooooooot! Beth is a sewing convert! she made a kick-booty dress!


Seriously, she did an AWESOME job! Now that I think about it, I can’t believe that we didn’t take pics of the inside, because she also lined the bodice. The inside of her work is WAY neater than mine!


Look at that invisible zipper. O wait! You can’t see it! It’s invisible! and she sewed it to the lining too! I’ve never done that before! It came out gorgeous! I am totally in awe! so, now I want my own Sewaholic Cambie!


She even put in pocketsies! she did EVERYTHING by herself! I maybe gave a few tips and did some troubleshooting on the machine when the bobbin went amok, but she did literally all of the cutting and sewing, I didn’t even touch that!


I made her squeeze into my shoes and hold this pineapple for the photo shoot! She is a champ! so we were thinking this kind of looks like a really amazing pirate costume with the color scheme! Just needs an eye patch and some boots, maybe a hat… This is actually a red and black striped sheet from the tote that a lovely co-worker gave to me! I was so happy to get all of this fabric from her because its great for muslins (which I usually just skip…) and also great for teaching people on! Plus there is a lot of fun stuff in there that I’ll actually use for pockets and trims and maybe even another few dresses. Not to mention a tablecloth we put on our table for Easter dinner! Thanks for all the fabric fun, Eve!


(The apprentice and Master Splinter down there in the corner)

Seriously though, this is what it looks like when Beth wears heels and I wear slippers…


Here’s what we look like in actual size. Does it look more pirate-y now, with the gold coin in her eye? argggh matey.

I also sewed a little bit this weekend. I hope I’ll be posting my muslin for the byHand London Elisalex dress, and maybe even something for the David Bowie sewalong…I hope to get them finished sometime tonight, but I’m kind of doubting it. Both of them are about 1/2 finished, so I might just go have a cup of a tea and a bath instead! I just got the book Cloud Atlas from the library so that’s been calling my name hardcore!

Miss my sister Beth already!


2 thoughts on “FO: Beth’s Cambie!

  1. Cuuuuute!!!!! Beth-you’re a natural! Wasn’t it nice using a machine rather than hand stitching everything?!?! Glad you guys had fun! I’m on waiting list for cloud atlas-hope its good!

  2. i’m about halfway through cloud atlas, was reading it on the plane! it was super nice using the machine! i still made a few mess ups and had to learn how to rip out stitches haha but i had an awesome teacher!!
    it was soooo fun being out there! can’t wait to go back =]

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