Beth’s sewing lessons.

YAY! Beth came out to visit me! So SO much fun. You know I haven’t been around because the weather has been gorgeous so I’ve been outside doing yardwork and getting all the sun I can get. Then Beth showed up and the heavens opened up and it’s been pouring ever since. No matter, we’re still having fun 🙂
Love the fabric store! I got a grab bag of elastic!
someone is crank
Koda snapped this pic of Beth 🙂
Dual petting party!
Teaching Beth how to cut fabric!
So daring! Lining up stripes on her first try!
the dogs are really helping her out here! At least she gets a realistic picture of sewing in my world 🙂
Oh yeah, and I forgot, many weeks ago, I had something else to reveal, here it is! It was sitting on the stove in one of my last pictures! This is for the House of Pinheiro International Craft Swap!
A cute little water bowl that folds up flat!
and a waterproof bag to tote some food and a water bottle around in!
The bowl holds water really well! Its my first time sewing with silicon-impregnated fabric and I think it went OK! it was a little slippery, but the walking foot helped quite a bit!
I finally got around to sending out my little goody bag yesterday! I hope she loves it! Either way, it was super fun to make!
Hopefully B has a dress to show you tomo!


One thought on “Beth’s sewing lessons.

  1. Can’t wait to see Beth’s dress!!! I love how the dogs are making cutting the fabric easy 😉 hahaha so cute!! Glad you’re having fun!

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