Dag Acht, Onze Laatste Dag

(Dat 8, Our Last Day)

So on our last day we went with Bart to Bloemendaal to scope out the campsite they rented for the season. From the campsite we walked into the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park and hiked around. There are wild animals in the park, like cows and horses. Here are some pretty shaggy cows.
Shaggy Cows
From the park we drove to the North Sea. I tried to upload a panoramic picture that I took, but not sure if it worked.
Bart told us there is a continuous beach, well there is a bridge over the waterway that feeds into Amsterdam’s harbor, from Rotterdam to the north of the Netherlands. In the summer people walk it in 4 days.

For dinner Esther made pannenkoeken. They are thin pancakes served with syrup and powdered sugar. They are delicious!

I hope you enjoyed the recaps, I enjoyed writing them! Maybe Rae will post about patat met mayonaise (fries with mayonnaise) because as Mariëtta pointed out I forgot too. If she doesn’t then I will.

Tot Ziens!


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