Dag Zes, Op Onze Eigen In Amsterdam!

(Day 6, On Our Own in Amsterdam)

Today we walked around Amsterdam alone for the first time on our own. I’d like to think it was a great success!

We started on the Museumplein near the Rijksmuseum. Unfortunately it was closed for renovations so we couldn’t go in. But here is a picture from outside.


The Van Gogh Museum is also off the Museumplein, and is also being renovated. Fortunately the museum moved some of the paintings to the Hermitage Museum. At the Hermitage Museum they also had an exhibit on Peter the Great. The Van Gogh exhibit was pretty cool. It was cool to see how his style changed over the years. A couple of times two paintings in the same room looked like they were painted by totally different people. The Peter the Great exhibit was pretty cool, the guy wanted to learn everything!

From there we hopped on a tram to the Dam Square and got some hot chocolate. We got to pour the chocolate in the hot milk and then spoon in whipped cream. It was delicious!

Hot Chocolate
We were going to see the Anne Frank House but there was a super long line. Maybe on Saturday we’ll try again. We walked around Amsterdam some more before heading back to eat with Bart and Esther.

That night Bart took us to a jenever bar, Wijnand Fockink, from 1679! Rumor has it my great grandpa drank here too.

Wijnand Fockink
Jenever is similar to gin and is served in a tulip shaped glass filled to the brim, and the first sip has to be taken bent over. If the glass is moved the drink will spill. It was really good.


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