Nederland, Dag Twee

On day two Jeroen and Mariëtta took us to Enkhuizen via driving on the dyke that was originally used to reclaim the land from the sea. Driving to Enkhuizen the IJsselmeer was on the right and farm fields and houses off to the left. The water of the IJsselmeer was higher than the fields, and even some of the houses!

Once in Enkhuizen we found a museum of a bunch of old buildings from all over the Netherlands reconstructed brick by brick. They had an old harbor with boats from various time periods.

The museum was usually fifty euro per person, but they were having a wedding open house that day and we just walked in for free and got free coffee and tea!

This was my favorite one, it was named “Vriendschap” which translates to “Friendship”. Get it?


The museum was pretty massive, in the summer they have shops and activities to do. Here are Rae and I tanning some fish nets, we look pretty authentic I think. Hah!


Here is an obligatory windmill picture!


After Enkhuizen we picked up Marieke and went to Volendam. It’s a pretty touristy fishing village but it had some cool views. This was one of my favorites. With the shops and houses on the left and the Markermeer on the right.


Today we are going to visit my dad’s Aunt, Mariëtta’s mom, in Amsterdam. I think Rae might have a post tonight about vlokken and hagelslag. They may be her new favorite breakfast food, as we’ve been eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


2 thoughts on “Nederland, Dag Twee

  1. I love the pictures especially the one of the shops and water and of course the windmill !!!!! Can’t wait to hear about the best breakfast and how to make it. . We had more snow yesterday do they get a lot of snow there. !!! Excited to read more about your amazing adventure love you

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