Groeten uit Nederland, Dag Een!

(Greetings from the Netherlands, Day One!)

Hallo! // Hello!

Rae en Ik zijn in Nederland! // Rae and I are in the Netherlands!

So Rae and I have been in Holland for almost 24 hours now. We landed safe and sound Saturday morning and were greeted by my cousins Mariëtta and Dirk and some of their children at the airport.

We drove to Purmerend to meet Dirk’s wife Jeanette. Shortly after arriving, Bart, Mariëtta’s youngest brother, and his wife Esther arrived with their daughter, Aiden.

Here is Mariëtta’s daughter Marieke watching Kian, Dirk’s son, walk up Dirk! The kid is an acrobat in the making.


After leaving Purmerend we drove to Hoorn where Mariëtta and her husband Jeroen live with their children, Lau and Marieke. We relaxed and socialized for most of the day and then Mariëtta and Jeroen showed us around Hoorn. Everything is so old here, it’s awesome.

This boat is like 120 years old.


A building originally from 1677.


Here are Jeroen and I moving some cheese around.


Today we are heading to Volendam, a Dutch fishing village. Maybe if Rae is lucky I’ll cart her all the way there.


It was fun to recap yesterday’s events. Maybe I’ll try and do this throughout the week!

Tot Ziens! // See you!


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