FO! The Cake Patterns Pavlova!


Here it is! All that’s left is the hem on the skirt!


I’ve never worn or really even heard of a circle skirt before. I love all of the new things I’m learning. I do really love the shape of this skirt, especially when I’m moving and sitting. I think I might end up hemming it into a “mullet skirt” (just a little mullet ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe)


DO DO DO cut a smaller size skirt than you think you need, especially if your fabric has any stretch at all, because with this pattern, the skirt is pretty much all cut on the bias ( I think, I’m still learning ) Anyway, my fabric had a decent amount of stretch in one direction, but not so severe that I thought I could omit the zipper. Its also pretty heavy fabric, and I didn’t take that into account at all. I cut the size 27.5 and I think the very very skinniest part of my waist (right in between some rolls) is like 28 inches. but whoa! this baby stretched, huh?!?


and you know I do need it up at my waist, cause you already saw, the shirt is kind of short. So here we go…I get the bright idea to cut out the zipper and use this giant elastic band I got from somewhere. (I think actually a blanket came rolled up in it…)


harvested zip!


pinning on the elastic! I know I should have gotten black serger thread or something but I was so excited to put on my first ever circle skirt I just skipped ahead. I should also mention (a little out of order) when cutting the skirt I took off 5 INCHES of length. My legs are on the shorter side and I like my skirts on the shorter side (although that bustle back mini is about as short as I can hang!)


Isn’t it beautiful all laying out there?


Bahahahahaha! Dog photobomb!


I was trying to show you my side seam pocket bags! snatched em from the Colette Hazel pattern ๐Ÿ™‚


I did finish that VERRRRY long seam at the top! do you like my little blue tag? Its from J’s scrubs that I was hemming. He had 8 pairs!


the abs are NOT on display ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you think this is blurry because I was spinning SOOOOOO FAST?


Super cozy, I’ll wear it alot


Mostly like this, with a t-shirt underneath and yoga pants and sneaks! I will definitely make more of these!

Running a 5k tomorrow! Otherwise, nothing new!

Sooooo…. what will I make next?




One thought on “FO! The Cake Patterns Pavlova!

  1. Great outfit kristen and a great solution to the skirt stretching out. Are you making another pavlova set? I think I will be but I want to get some steam a seam lite first, to make the top easier to stitch.

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