almost finished object!

Just one long seam on the Pavlova wrap top left!


it might be a little short, but I really like it!


Motivation to work on the abs perhaps! and the love handles! 😉



O and of course, outtakes are my favorites! the skirt should be super easy to whip up! All in all I love this pattern. I think next time I would cut the size 30 rather than the size 35, but I would add some length to it. If I did that I could easily see myself wearing this piece EVERY day of the week!


love to be warm and cozy!

Hopefully I’ll get called off work tonight so I can get this skirt sewed up, otherwise I guess on Saturday late night I should have the full completed outfit for y’all!



Also there’s another something hidden in this post that I have yet to reveal. 😉 hehe


3 thoughts on “almost finished object!

  1. Love it. I’ve put my Pavlova top to one side at the moment. I haven’t got the neck binding on yet, but from initial trying on….it looks like a huge boob sack that exposes my belly that isn’t a fraction as attractive as your abs. I’ll do something with it sometime. Love the stripes and what you’ve done with the sleeve bindings.

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