Burritos and a Pavlova

I haven’t been doing anything except working and eating burritos! I made a ton of barbacoa in the slow cooker and have just been pairing it up with beans, rice, canned corn, salsa, grilled veggies, lettuce, cheeses, hot sauce, tortilla crisps and doritos all mashed up in there. Then I wrapped up all the burritos in foil and pull out a special surprise for lunch or dinner. In between working I’ve taken a little time to cut some fabric!


So, the stripes are for the top and the shiny green is for the skirt! Its kind of a shiny, pageant material, so this skirt is going to be maybe like a skater costume. I’m hoping that it turns out different than I’m expecting.


Better shot of the stripes! This is a pretty thin material, and a little see through too, so I hope its not too difficult to sew!

Side note, I also started going to a NUCCA chiropractor for my migraines, I’m not yet sure how its going, do I look a little straighter?


haha! Seriously, I’ll let you know in a few weeks how I’m feeling. Right now it makes me feel nauseated, and after the first treatment I woke up with a major headache. I actually wouldn’t have gone back except I already paid. HA!


One thought on “Burritos and a Pavlova

  1. Hope it helps lady! Drink lots of water before and after-that might help with the headaches a bit… I like the shiny green!! Can’t wait to see!

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