I know we’re a little late for the Argo hype…

I gotta say, Ben Affleck’s directing roles have left much to be desired for me. I thought they were kinda slow and it was no surprise that he played the main role, hero, in just about all of them. But for this one, I didn’t mind him taking the hero role at all.

One word: WOW!


(I can’t figure out how to link the source here right now so the picture is from here: yikes

This movie was really suspenseful and kept my blood pressure churning til the very end! I think I know why I liked it so much too… I’m a sucker for anything “based on a true story.” Annnnnd I’m super gullible so I pretty much believe those movies to be totally, totally true. Which, of course, I know isn’t the case. So like a huge nerd, after every “true story” I read or watch I do some research to find out just how close and accurate it was. Then I get bummed if I was really into it and it wasn’t barely true at all-wah wah.

Turns out though, that this one was pretty good! It downplays Canada’s role in helping with the rescue and really embellished the drama at the airport. One site I read said getting through the airport was a breeze…not a single problem or hold up. It sure did make for a suspenseful ending in the movie though!

Either way-however much was embellished or not, it was an incredible story. One that I am glad to now know. It’s nice that people have jobs to help others In horrid situations…even though we rarely hear about them. So for all you people out there doing similar things and making a difference without getting credit- thank you! You’re all amazing! And I bet you have some pretty cool stories you can never share but would love to… Thanks!

Here’s some links to check out if you’re nerdy like me and want to know more…(and again my link isn’t working…sorry)


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