St. Patty’s Day Fun

Well, even though I have to work this whole weekend, I still wanted to get into the spirit. So, what did I do? Obviously I made green leprechaun leggings!


These have been lying in our spare room unfinished for a while, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for elastic. Finally, I was folding CLEAN laundry this week and noticed some of J’s holey underwear. At first I though about tossing them, and then I had a great idea-steal them! I cut off about 1 inch of length and then overlapped another inch and they fit pretty good…


casual cute.


pattern is Ooh la legging by papercut patterns.

ooh la leggings

really quick to whip up, I had some trouble with them though. Mostly user error. The first fabric I had the stretch running the wrong way. So I couldn’t really stretch them around my legs. Well I could, but … SAUSAGE! I should have taken some pics. Those are are now a dog toy.


I should have taken a pic BEFORE I did the alterations on this pair. Totally baggy crotch. Like Ken Doll crotch. Or male ballet dancer. I think actually they would have been OK if I would have just kept going, because that was before adding the elastic. The elastic keeps them up so they aren’t as baggy! Well now they are a bit more low rider. and have a weird “almost-ruche” in the front that came from me trying to get rid of the extra pouch down there…


Not too noticeable in these grainy pics though 🙂


gorgeous day here, its mid 50s and sunny!


Outtake: failed Jumping picture! haha

time for a nap before my big weekend of work! Hope everyone has a happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you! (and me too!)


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