70 pages left to read…

Hi guys! Today it was reallly warm. Oddly so actually, cause it is March, it is supposed to be cold and snow still! But not here in Louisiana. Today it was 68 degrees out and sunny. This weekend it is supposed to be high 70s and set to hit 80 on Monday… I am melting! and it hasn’t even been the first day of spring yet!

I had a lot of tasks that popped up out of nowhere today. I needed to make copies for an exam that I am giving out next wednesday- I would’ve normally done this on Tuesday but I have to give one student the exam tomorrow. So instead I copied 96 10 page exams using the duplicator machine. which is from the 80s and super quirky and hard to work without it jamming or having issues. For me though it worked like a dream! I was finished with the exam copying and stapling with the 2 different forms in just 3 hours! woo! was dancing to my ipod while putting stuff together haha

when I finished with the exams I realized that time had gotten away from me and the meeting I was hoping to go to had started 45 minutes earlier…oops. so instead I checked my email and tried to figure out what else i had to do. I have all the reading and working I need to get done. and since it was so nice I opted to do this outside!

this is me laying on a blanket outside of my apartment complex =]


it was so bright i couldn’t really see what was in the picture haha good thing i had my glasses on or pry would have burned up my retinas! owww



so I got outside- read about 10 pages and realized i was sweaty and hungry so I went back inside haha. now I have this much left to read:


lots of work! oye! My friend Bryan brought over a stuffed crust pizza for dinner so that was nice! Now back t the articles…

xoxo love beth


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