Deviled Eggs-travagansa!

A couple times a year I get really antsy for and really crave deviled eggs. There’s no rhyme or reason-it just pops in my head and I have to have some! Which is strange because I didn’t even have my first deviled egg until I was a junior in college-which was like 4-5 years ago.

Love at first bite! How did I not know these exsisted?!

My problem is that we don’t eat mayo here so whenever I want to make them I gotta improvise. No problem! Errr…not.

We’ve had a couple incident with them that didn’t quite turn out.
1) I tried Greek yogurt twice. The first time was pretty good. But the second time I dug in our yogurt cups (I’d skim the top to avoid the fruit on the bottom) I got fruit liquid so they tasted like strawberry…yikes.
2) I tried it with spicy mustard…pretty good but turned out very salty. Like puffy lips salty.
3) today I found some red pepper Italian dressing in the fridge. Smashed the yolks with some and a bit of pepper and jackpot-not bad at all! Even Adam liked em! It’s a bad picture but here ya go. My yolks are crumbly.


I liked em 🙂 one of these days I’m going to buy mayo and make em up right.

Anyone have any killer egg recipes for me?


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