Lemon Drop Explosion!!!

Hahaha-oh dear! I don’t know about you guys but our day started out with a bang…a BIG, lemon drop bang!

I’ve been eating lemon drops like there’s no tomorrow! They’re just soooo good! And easy to eat while I’m working. Here’s the culprits…


Although I thought I could easily open that bag I was mistaken…(that picture above is a back up bag that ill open with scissors ;)) I ripped it open and lemon drops were flying everywhere!!! take a look…

That picture doesn’t even do it justice! Tey were all over the floor too! And look at my scrubs…


Hahahaha!! One actually landed in Adam’s coffee which he didn’t find out until later. What a disaster 🙂 hahaha!

On a different note-it’s flurrying out again! So wild after rain city yesterday! How’s your guys’ day going?


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