Almost died! (Dramatic much…)

What a glorious weekend! The sun was out and it was warm enough to do yardwork. Image

I let them mow…


while I sat around and drank tea. (truth be told, J mowed, and I picked up dog poop… 😦 boring)




then I got off to sewing a little skirt I probably don’t have the legs for 🙂 and my borrowed sewing machine did this…


WTH! (what the HECK in my speech pattern) do you see that little birdy-nest?

ImageHere’s the needle side, all nice and neat… and THEN we have the bobbin side!

ImageUGH. totally Rat-taculous! I tried making tiny adjustments one at a time so I can hone in on WHY this HAPPENS! srsly, does anyone have a clue why?

Imageand the seam is so disgustingly loose! I don’t even know what the sewing machine was thinking honestly! Oh well, can’t be a perfect weekend. Long story short, I got frustrated and put on some decent clothes, grabbed my credit card and went to the sewing store. where I begged for help. Everyone had a different tip. So I went home and

1. changed my needle

2. rewound the bobbin

3. used ridiculously expensive thread

4. re-threaded the whole thing very meticulously

5. used a different bobbin than I was previously (metal over plastic)

and now it’s sewing like a dream. I just wish I knew which one of these was the culprit. Or is it a combination of disaster? so I was hoping to have a picture of the skirt for you. and some leggings I’ve just been avoiding putting on the elastic. O! but before that! How bout the part where I almost died…

I might be feeling brave enough to try and take a picture of it now. Basically I was making barbacoa when I was cutting fat off the meat and then cutting up my thumb. at 0830! I really thought I was going to have to go to the urgent care when I saw the blood everywhere. I know I’m a nurse, but the sight of my own blood does not help me keep my head calm. When I realized I wasn’t going to bleed to death I looked at it and saw a papercut.

ImageHere it is all wrapped up.

ImageAnd here it is now, almost healed. what a baby I am… So, back to sewing. I have to work tonight but hopefully I’ll be back in a few hours with some finished objects!

🙂 as promised, 2 hours and 20 minutes later, after playing with dogs, cleaning kitchen, showering (i wore a rubber glove over my thumb just in case…) snacking and sewing! here it is! Now I need to learn how to take better pics.







Well, I can dress it down with boots or tennis shoes, and dress it up with booties or heels, and I just love the “bustle” at the back. OH! OK, I totally forgot to tell you what I was doing. This is the Bustle BAck Mini from the Maker’s Journal.
cute cute cute~ I want every single one of their patterns, but they’re kind of expensive… plus I have a lot on my plate right now.
Anyway, what I LOVE about this pattern is you kind of finish as you go! I think step 2 or 3 was making the hem. It was kind of scary, because, did you see? This thing is SHORT! But I hate hemming, so to get it out of the way was devine! Nap time, work tonight, and then sewing til Friday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Almost died! (Dramatic much…)

    • I didn’t even feel it when it was happening! that knife was so smooth! hahaha! Hurts now though! 🙂 I can’t believe how lame it looks compared to what it feels like!

    • also, your project 53 looks intriguing! I wanted to leave a comment but I can’t seem to get past the captcha or whatever its called! Can’t wait to find out the whole story!

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