Friday Revolution

Heeeey!! Happy Friday!!

I’m so excited it’s Friday I can barely contain it! I’ve had a progressively hard time dragging myself out of bed this week, each day worse than the one before. So 2 lovely days where I can lounge and be as lazy as I want sounds INCREDIBLE!!!! HooRAY!!!


It’s been a good day…and here are some reasons why.

– I got out of work at like 2:45! Win!

– I finally mailed a package from the post office. It’s been sitting on our floor for like over a month. Why did I make mailing it so hard?! Who knows. But it feels great to get it out finally and on to who’s been waiting for it!!

– My beautiful anniversary flowers are so pretty 🙂 flowers and…if you look at the window in the back, you can see it’s open! It’s so awesome outside-bright & sunny, 40’s…incredible. Totally wild since we had 6 inches of snow a couple days ago.

– the weather makes me want to dance-much like this fabulous song

oooooweee is it good!! I wouldn’t want a revolution if I couldn’t dance either. Thanks MOTH, for covering that 🙂

– and a not so good note, but I need some advice. Especially from green thumb Beth. Look at Grandma plant

grandmathe vine parts are doing really, really well. I’m not sure what those green spokes are that are coming out. But all the other leaves are turning brown, shriveling up, and dying. 😦 what can I do?! Is the vine part just taking over?!

Happy Friday everybody!!! Dance it up!!



3 thoughts on “Friday Revolution

  1. yikes about the plant! you could try a few different things:
    -move it to a bigger pot for more root space
    -water it more, or less if it seems wet all the time
    -be glad that part of it is still alive and crazy vines can be fun hah
    – if it is in direct light move it to indirect light.

    and about friday! wooohioooO!! so glad it is the weekend: i have a ton a ton a ton of stuff to do so this weekend has been crazy busy, and! the internet has not been working so good until tonight! it is finally fixed!

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