buttery steel cut oat goodness

Let me start by saying there IS NO BUTTER in this recipe!
But it tastes sooooo good!
Get a big pot with a lid and get 4 cups of water starting to warm up over med-high heat. (or high if you’re impatient. I guess the temperature doesn’t really matter…)
Toss in:
**1 cup steel cut oats
**1/4 cup regular oats
**3/4 tsp. salt
**1 giant TBSP cinnamon or cardamom or half of each or any other spices you desire (pumpkin pie spice maybe? a little clove goodness…)
**1/8 to 1/4 cup ground flaxseed (maybe don’t overdo it if you’re new to flax)
**2 scoops of plain or vanilla protein powder (I use vanilla designer whey-100 calories and 18gm protein per scoop! plus zillions of flavors and tastes amazing!
**giant handful of raisins
**giant handful of goji berries
**giant handful of craisins
that’s my favorite combo. BUT there’s more!
**mashed banana (won’t taste too banana-y, just add sweetness)
**chopped apples
**TBSP molasses
**any dried fruit
**vanilla bean
**maple syrup
**brown sugar
Here’s the goji berries I use. You can get them at whole foods or on amazon.com
NOW. give it a good stir. My water isn’t usually boiling yet, because I’m a quick measurer. Cover the pot and let it all come up to boiling. Now give it another really good stir and then TURN OFF THE HEAT. You can leave the pot on the burner. Just put the lid back on and let it sit for ONE HOUR! Do not touch it. Do not open the lid. Just set the timer and cook some bacon or something. Get a few tupperwares ready if you are the only one eating it because there will be about 4 servings.
Here’s a pack I made up for Mom! (and a dog lurking on the bed…uhoh…) All the ingredients are already measured out, all she has to do is get a pot, water, and heat! OH and time of course…Maybe if you are nice to her she’ll share.
When the timer is up just give it a good stir and split into bowls and tupperware and enjoy. All you have to do later is microwave it!
You can also add milk, cream, yogurt, butter, sugar, syrup, etc at the end. OR… be like me…
Hahaha! So delicious! I guess it’s more like dessert than breakfast with that honkin’ scoop of ice cream on top! Oh well, Yum! Awesome dessert! with a few health benefits.
side note on health benefits, did you see some of the new research coming out that something in green tea and something in red wine is basically stopping alzheimer’s in its tracks! so drink up! and tell your loved ones!
Not going to lie, I get most of my recipes off the internet and I pretty much straight up copied this one from Food’o Del Mundo. If you haven’t been there, check it out! There’s a whole section on bacon, and a chicken piccata recipe I’ve been lurking lately! Plus MUCH MUCH more! I mean, I added a few of my own twists, but I’ve tried cooking steel cut oats many ways and this is the EASIEST and MOST DELICIOUS so I want to share the **HEALTHY, whoa! goodness with all of you!
OK, these delicious little ramekins are from the food’o del mundo page. I can’t figure out how to link to save my life today. sometimes wordpress is so finicky. anyway, if you click on the gorgeous picture of the ramekins, it will take you directly to the steel-cut oatmeal post, and from there you can totally lurk the food’o del mundo blog. I just noticed a chocolate chip cookie! Don’t delay, cook today!


6 thoughts on “buttery steel cut oat goodness

  1. why aren’t my links working!?! grr…wordpress…grr… I need a nap!
    foododelmundo.com if I don’t get this problem solved! Go there and make yourself a delicious meal…

  2. I was just looking through the Food’o del Mundo pizza section and noticed a Polish Sausage Potato Pizza. O my goodness. Next day off I’m making that! Potatoes and Pizza. Genius!

  3. yeah-can’t wait to try this!! i love that you covered it in ice cream-hahahaha, just my style 🙂 the tea research gives me a better excuse to buy some more….my tea cabinet is overflowing already! let us know how the potato pizza is…i’m skeptical

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