Pavlova Sewalong

First things first. Have I ever had an oatmeal post? probably. You have got to try this. I know there are so many other exciting breakfast foods, so Why BOTHER? But this is DELICIOUS and GOOD FOR YOU! and I love you all and so I want you to live forever. I’ll call this 4-day a week oatmeal. Because I whip up about 4 servings and just reheat them throughout the week. The other 3 days you can have doughnuts, pancakes, scrambles, and quiche.ImageMoving on! Yippee! Pavlova came to me yesterday! check out ! I probably said this before, but StephC. (Cake Owner) is the best at helping you get your clothes to look just gorgeous! I know I LOVE the top (I’m already tracing out the pattern so I can cut tomorrow) although I’m not sold on the skirt.ImageBut. Watch this week, because StephC. is unveiling 3 more “positions” of Pavlova (styles, basically) and maybe one of those will speak more to me. I KNOW I would LOVE a giant tulle circle skirt, but I’m not sure where I’d wear it. I guess around the house…Imagesee. So thats what I usually wear around the house. Flannel PG pants. SO NICE to be a grown up and do whatever I want. 🙂 check out my pedometer. The bigger the flower, the more active I am. I’ve been to the gym 2x this month (both times got up out of bed JUST to impress the pedometer.) but BOTH times I forgot the little bugger. So today, me, Koda, Moose, and the pedometer did some Zumba action! Yay! I thought the dogs would be tired…ImageBut here’s my tracing paper all rumpled up after a dog fight! Thank goodness I folded my pattern and put it away!

Girls on the Run starts today, and I have a whole new crew! It looks like right now we have 11 girls on our team, so wish me luck! It’s really so much fun, but of course going to a new school and all new coaches and girls gives me a little anxiety. Mostly excited though! and the pedometer is going to get tons of action today! So, I need a nap because I have to go to work tonight. But GOOD news! I plan on printing out some patterns for undergarments at work tonight if I have time!



2 thoughts on “Pavlova Sewalong

  1. I know I asked before but what’s the oatmeal recipe again?!? I’m gonna try it one of these days!! Can’t wait to see the how the sewing turns out!! Good luck with the girls-they’ll love you!

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