manic monday.

hi guys! writing a quick note between tasks!
I just got out of class- I have a presentation for that class in 2 weeks, and I will need to pick what that will be on quite soon! I also turned in a research proposal that I really ought to hammer more out with. Dig into it a little more, ya know?
I have a lot of data checking to do for Dr. Cherry that will be happening this afternoon, and a whole lot of reading to do for classes.
also- I should start thinking bout where i want to live next year and when I want to move in.
also- i finally have quarters so LAUNDRY TIME!!! i will be all the clean business finally hah
also- it is lunch time! I should go get something before my office hours start.

my new computer is working really good! When i have more time i will take some photographs of life and put them up for you to see!

lunch time!! xoxoxo




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