alternate title: trouble with the camera

! well, good news, I’ve hemmed about 40 pairs of pants! All mine and J’s, including scrubs… So I’ve gotten pretty good at it! AND I made some gorgeous Thurlow trousers! HOORAY! Whoops. but the camera isn’t charged! We went hiking instead, ask me about that sometime, ha! Fast forward to tomorrow. I even wanted to take some good pictures for you, so I went outside in the 40 degree weather.
Annnnnd the dog is completely blocking the view of the pants. Also I realize I’ve already shown you this shirt, but I can’t help it, I wear it all the time! I have another surprise for you later on down the post though, I promise, stay tuned!
o my gosh, now they’re going up my butt, what was I thinking?!? Let’s try this again…
AHHHH! OK, I’m starting to get cold, I know 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) is warm for a lot of you right now, but I love to be warm and cozy. Forget it, outside pictures DO NOT WORK for me! Back to the terrible lighting inside!
MOOSE! again! at least this time he’s mostly out of the way! and check out those amazing welt pockets! SO professional looking! I know you want to see the pants, but I just can’t get it together. Time for a smoothie break.
DSCF8647 or click on the picture and just search through smoothies. OR search through ANYTHING! This girl is seriously amazing! Everything I’ve ever tried has been delicious! (Sorry! I wish I could do a better link, but I can’t figure it out-I’m typing in “QuickPress” today)
O my gosh! The sun came out! Lets have a redo at the outdoor picture thing!
hahaha! this is why I don’t do this! I’m pitiful! 😉
here’s a good one! not that you can see the dress at all…
Most adorable dress ever! Hazel from Colette Patterns! I’ve made this dress 3 times now! I actually finished this in 2012 and I’ve been wearing it all over with tights and a cardigan. I just forgot to let you know about it! Surprise!
And I was on such a roll I wanted a redo at the pants because they are super cute. They are just a *touch* big in the thighs, I cut a size 2 basically all the way around. So I might take out a tiny bit of fabric there next time!This pattern is awesome- and kind of funny – in the fact that you sew up the butt last (funny pics I won’t post here) so you get a super good fit in the booty! I love it!
My waistband looks so much better than it did on the shorts! I still had a really hard time with it though!
Sorry these are so dirty and wrinkly. at this point I’d actually been wearing them for 2 days straight.
yep! super cute! And such soft corduroy fabric. I have been wearing these non-stop!
What should I make next?


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