My Clumsy self.

Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to an Iron Chef sort of beer brewing contest. It was so fuN! I brought with a pan full of scotcharoos, and everyone was loving it! They had never had scotcharoos before! I got the recipe from Ma:

1 cup light corn syrup mixed with 1 cup of sugar. heat on medium until it boils and they disolve together. Remove from heat once it reaches boiling. Add 1 cup of peanut butter. mix that in. Add 6 cups of rice cripies and mix that up. Press that into a 13×9 buttered dish. Melt one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and one bag of butterscotch chips in a pot over low heat, stir it a lot so it doesn’t burn. Then pour that over the rice crispies and wait what seems like an eternity for them to cool =]

So anyways the beers!

There was a Jazzman Rice one that was my favorite, Chickory, peach, pecan, red bean red ale (which ended up winning the whole thing for votes) and it was really really good actually. There was sugar cane, there was one that went sour that was sweet potato that i didn’t try, i had a taste of a double IPA which was extra hops? (not really sure what that means exactly but it was good!) Cayenne in a chocolate brew. It started downpouring, which was not so fun. But I was there with a bunch of my friends, Dina and Travis, Justin, Dillon, Leslie and Gary. So that was cool =] The best ones were the red beans and the rice one! A red ale and a pilsner. so light colored one and a medium colored one haha. it was fun though and Leslie said they are having another event like that in April sometime, so perhaps I’ll go back!

After the beer tasting I went home and promptly spilled a huge glass of lemonade all over my laptop on my bed =”[

it turns on, but I can’t see anything on the screen- so that pretty much stinks. A lot. so I washed up my sheets and tried to dry out my computer but the screen has a huge black spot on it. It still makes all the noises like stuff is there I just cant see the stuff. I was pressing tab while it should’ve been on the desktop and just pressing buttons to see if I could get it to work again and I accidently started playing the last spanish song Nat sent to me that i had saved on my desktop! haha

So anyways- I called Bryan to see if he could take me to Best Buy today and he said he could. Called Dina to see if she wanted to as well. But unfortunate events were out to get her and I today. She just got hit by a car, so her car is damaged again! She is okay, and so are her passengers, but she said her radiator is not, and neither is her headlight. and the other driver that hit her was getting into an ambulence. =/ so hopefully that lady is okay too.

kinda a disaster of a day in Louisiana. And still I want more lemonade- but far far away from this computer which is my work computer from Cherry. What a headache.

But at least I have most of my health- my tonsils are starting up something again so i will be making an appointment very soon to see the doctor again =[

love you guys!

ps if i can’t recover my pictures and music and documents I expect you to send me some to start up my collections again!


4 thoughts on “My Clumsy self.

  1. O my gosh! Sounds bad x5! Except the beer. If like to get my hands on that! Yum! Oooh! And the scotcharoos! Ps. Has anyone seen any Girl Scouts? I really want cookies but they are all hiding out somewhere I gues…

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