Hey guys!

I got a snow day today thanks to snow storm Q!!!! This means that I have a 5 DAY BREAK!!! I had not class Wed like normal and classes got cancelled yesterday and today.  It’s really great timing to becauseImageI have a HUGE test monday.  This pic is from on top of a giant snow pile I climbed up!  I was making snowballs and throwing them at people from way up there… I never hit anyone though, I was too far away. Haha… anyways Ill post more pics of the massive snowfall soon, I need to go take some more first.  It’s gorgeous though.  I would guess we got about 9″!


3 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!!!

  1. So awesome!! I wanted a snow day soooo bad! We only got like 3 inches. You’re so high up! At least you got a snow day-ill live vicariously through you!! Yay 5 day weekend!!

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