Fancy Lunching =]

Hi guys!

So this week has been particularly busy for me. We have been getting ready for the Life Course and Aging Center Annual Luncheon.

It is all about talking about the research we have been doing, and getting together with all the different collaborators from other departments and other universities, a really great network of people that share a common goal of understanding processes of aging =]

I also got inducted into the Sigma Phi Omega honors society, which is basically a service group that has a focus of helping older adults. The luncheon is a really great time for networking, so that is what I have been doing all afternoon! Chatting up Attorneys, professors, elderly people, and even a celebrity, Donna Douglas from the Beverly Hill Billies! I guess Dr. Cherry has been bragging about how great her new student is, because everyone seemed to know me already! haha, which was pretty fun =] I was kinda like a celebrity too!

I made a bunch a name tags and had to edit programs and posters. We presented the posters today and it was really fun, I met a commercial fisherman who has been through both Hurricane Katrina and also had to deal with the BP Oil Spill. He said the worst thing about both of those is the red tape, all the hassle of dealing with government and companies and sorting through everything like that.

(Side note: my roommate is having a bunch of people over right now. Odd how she can sound so fun with them, and be completely silent with me. She hasn’t even said hello without me saying it first for weeks)

But anyways- Today has been super fun. I got to spend some more time with Dr. Cherry and her brother. Fun to see them together haha. Makes me wonder how it will be when you come visit me someday and a student of mine gets to visit with my awesome family!

One of the guest speakers today talked about the different brain thicknesses in the cerebral cortex between musicians and non-musicians. The same area that gets thicker as you train musically also happens to be an area that loses thickness with age. So musicians tend to hold their cortical thickness better than nonmusicians =] get an instrument and start jamming!!!

But seriously…

I am headed off for a new adventure now- a brew off. Where local beer brewers do a challenge to make the best beer using a main ingredient for flavor grown in Louisiana. Then the people, like me get to make a donation of canned food for a chance to vote which brew is best!

I’ll have to write to tell you how it goes! Jealous of all the snow everyone else has! I have rain. and thunderstorms. and more rain. =[

bye for now! xoxoxo B


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