Norge Ski Fest


Awhile back we went to the Norge Ski Fest in Fox River Grove and I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about it ever since! First of all, how crazy that we live with this just a little ways down the street?! That tall jump can be seen for miles! I think they said it was a 70 meter (or was it feet?) jump! Yikers! We went on the junior championship days and you should have seen how little some of the kids walking around were. I think the youngest was 4. 4! We were shocked a 4 year old would go off this giant hill and then found out the kiddos go on the smaller hills, I think a 5 meter you can kinda see off to the right.


My hot date 🙂


At the end, the older kids/adults started to go and did the big jump. It was pretty neat to watch in person! And they had people competing from Finland and Norway too…crazy!! I guess they said that women ski jumping will now be an event in the Olympics so there is a good chance we saw some of the ladies that will be performing in hope of a medal someday! If you look real close you can kinda pick out a person jumping in the picture on the left and their landing on the right 🙂


Pretty neat to see in person! Come out and join us next year!!


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